Friday, July 7, 2017

The ABC's of Snacking: Letter A

Note:  I will need to put the recipes found on my other site (azpratt) onto this blog.

For any of the "... (animal) Dig", you can use my chocolate pudding or dairy-free chocolate pudding recipes.

Animal (Bear, Dinosaur, Insect, Reptile, Worm, etc.) Dig
Place one or more gummy bear(s), dinosaur(s), insect(s), reptile(s), worm(s), or whatever you find in the stores in a cup.  Add rocks or dirt (chocolate cereal or pudding) to it.  Eat with a spoon.

Make gelatin jigglers.  Use a cookie cutters of an animal shape.  (If you like don't like using food coloring/dyes, make you own gelatin using unflavored gelatin and add blended up fruit.)

Ants in Sand
Place a graham cracker in a bag that zips or that you can twist tie.  Roll a rolling pin over it or have the children crush the cracker into small pieces.  (For younger children, the second option children like more.)  Place some raisins or chocolate chips in the bag.  Eat with a spoon or with your hands.

Ants on a Log (Graham Crackers)
Spread frosting, peanut butter, jam/jelly/preserves, etc. on a quarter of a graham cracker.  Place raisins, chocolate chips, or  pieces of fruit on top.

Ants on a Log
Spread some peanut butter or other nut butter onto celery.  Place raisins or chocolate chips on the nut butter.

Cut and core some apples and eat them.

Make Apple Crisp, Apple Spice Cake, or Cocoa Apple Cake located at Desserts or Dairy-free Desserts.

Applesauce Cinnamon Muffins, Spiced Applesauce Muffins, Cinnamon (Apple) Crepes
Spiced Applesauce Muffins

Apple Boats
Cut an apple into fourths.  Cut out the cores.  Place a wooden toothpick in one side of the apple and then a large marshmallow on it.

Apple Smiles
Peel and core an apple.
Cut it into slices.
Place some caramel or peanut butter on it.
Have the children decorate it using raisins, chocolate chips, gum drops, etc. to make a happy apple.

Apple Volcanoes
Peanut butter/other type of nut butter, or caramel
Raisins, chocolate chips or other type of chip

Cut off the top of the apple. Using spoon, scoop out core of apple.  Fill the apple with butter/other type of nut butter, or caramel and top with raisins, chocolate chips or other type of chip.
If you want to eat this later, brush the apple edges with lemon juice to prevent browning and wrap in foil.

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